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QUESTION: Hello, my name is Jennifer Stefaroi i am getting a kitten this coming tuesday and i have all the supplies i need i just don't know how to litter train my kitten (boots) any tips/steps to this training? i really need help on this ASAP thankyou

     - Jennifer  
P.S i hope this is not out of your experence! :)

ANSWER: Hi the best thing i can do is to ask you to read my page about kitten care which will give you some useful tips on how and when a kitten needs training. Also i have included my page about litter training. Hope these are helpful to you


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QUESTION: ThankYou so much! That helped me i'm glad i read it because i found out I'm adopting my kitten tomorrow (December 15th 3:00)(can't wait) so im happy i got to know sooner ... thankyou also for making such a helpful website it has everything you need to know about kittens! thats why now i am going to ask another question because you are so fabulus! :)

 1. Is it ok to play or bathe your kitten right when he comes to his new home?

 2. If a kitten food bag has the words: 100% for all ages of cats. dose that mean that i can give it to my 3 month old kitten?

Thankyou so much

         -Jennifer Stefaroi :)
P.S i am naming my tuxedo cat boots what do you think? What is your email then i can send you a picture of him!

thank you for all your kind comments regarding my website i put a lot of hard work into it.

Regarding your kitten i would say that it would be best to give him a period of time to get used to his new home before you bath him but yes certainly play with him (see my bonding with your cat page here /new-cat.html After a few weeks you could bath him as the younger they are bathed the easier it is for them to get used to it (/bathing-a-cat.html

If the food says it is for kittens then it should be fine to give to a 3 month old.

Love the name tuxedo, and certainly send me a picture and a little text about your kitten to /cat-photos.html use the form at the bottom of the page.



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