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Hi, I have two short hair tabbys.  The female just had two kittens about two weeks ago. We separated the male from the kittens at birth. I was wondering when I should let him near the kittens. Do you think he'll harm them?

male cats hurting their kittens is rare and when it does occur it is caused when the female goes into a false "in heat"state and gives off signals that she is ready to mate again. However this is not true and she will see the male cat off. he then becomes frustrated and may try to mate witha  kitten and this is where the accidental death may occur via strangulation as the male cat grips the kitten by the neck in the mating position.

However not all female cats will go into this false "in heat" state and not all males if tit does happen will try to mate with the kitten. usually male cats are fine around young kittens. if you are worried then just make sure that you do not leave the kittens alone with the male cat for a month or so.

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