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Hi Kate

My 20 yr old Moggie has started to develop really knotted, matted fur. It cannot be brushed or combed out so I have had to cut lumps of it off.  However, the rest of her fur has started to do the same as as the fur that is growing back.  She seems to be in no pain nor is it bothering her.  However, she is quickly turning into a dreadlock rasta and Im wondering if she is missing some sort of vitamin in her coat that could be given as a supplement to her.  Can you advise?  Thanks

If your cat has long or medium length fur then it is quite common for the fur to get matted. It just caused by the debris that gets into it from the floor. The fur closest to the body is very think and hangs onto the dirt. This gradually get worse and worse if it is not looked after and will start to get into tight knot which starts to pull at the delicate skin and will cause skin irritation and pain. Your cat may not show pain, but it is uncomfortable for them.
It has nothing to do with lack of vitimins etc. The only thing you can do is to make sure that you brush your cat daily to remove the grit and prevent it from building up.
However it can be quite dangerous to use scissors to cut out mats of fur as the skin is quite sensitive, if your cats fur has become so matted that they cannot be brushed out, he should be taken to a vets or groomers who will use professional clippers to remove all the matted fur. After that as long as you brush every day then the mats should not return. Please see my page regarding matted fur for more information. /cat-hair.html


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