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We just recently moved into a new apartment that previously had cats.  The place where the last owner kept her litterbox is in the bathroom closet which we thought was ideal for a litterbox.  Unfortunately we found this out by the smell of the closet.  We sprayed Natures Miracle and painted the space with Kilz stain sealer and then moved our cat's litter box from our office to the bathroom closet.  I have been showing him where it is and making sure the door is wide open and have let him explore the area, yet he just started urinating on the futon which was in the same room where his litterbox used to be.  I washed the linens and replaced them and yet he urinated on them again. Why is he doing this and is it because we moved the litter box?

it will take some time for your cat to realize that his litter box has moved and also he may still be able to smell the other cats where the litter tray has now been put. One way is to rub his blankets around the cupboard to transfer his scent. Then you may have keep you cat in the new room for a day or so with the litter tray and some water let them out only for food and then put them back. Perhaps sit with them for a while and play with them in the new room. It is important for the cat to feel that this is a safe place.
Their is also a litter on the market called "cat attract which actively encourages the cat to use it.

Here is some more general cat litter training information.

It may take some time but cats are normally quite quick at learning these things. remember it's all about scent and security. Hope this has helped.

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