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I've just got a 2 y.o. Ragdoll boy and am a bit concerned that he hasn't eaten yet.  I got him yesterday lunchtime and to my knowledge he hasn't had anything to drink, either, although he has used the litter box at least twice, both times urine only.

I'm in a wheelchair and have carers come in twice a day but during the rest of the time, we're on our own.  I haven't even really touched him yet - he's still hiding and sleeping the day away and comes out in the evening.  He doesn't appear stressed, but I can't think how else to encourage him to eat or drink.

When should I start being concerned??  Any suggestions??

Hi, sound to me like you've got yourself a slightly nervous cat. Some cats take longer than others to become use to new surroundings. Sleeping all day is a comfort thing and as he becomes used to his new surroundings he will start to explore. It is a good sign that he has used the litter tray already, a good start. Give your cat a couple of days to settle in. Make sure that you are feeding him the same food he is used to as this may also be causing him some anxiety. once he does start to eat don't worry if he's not  a big drinker as cats get most of their moisture from their food, but make sure it is always available for him.
Don't try to over fuss your cat, just let him settle himself, speak gently and offer him food. If the situation does not change and he does not drink or eat within the next 24 hours then it may be advisable to get him checked at the vets for any other possible medical causes. However in my opinion i think he will be ok within the next day or so and he just needs some time to settle down. Don't worry.  


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