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We have an 8 year old neutered male who is healthy. He rarely goes outside.
Every night he howls. It's strange in that he will be in bed with us and the two
dogs. Everything seems fine and he's being petted and is puring. All of a
sudden he gets off the bed, goes in the hall, and howls. He may howl 5-10
times and then quit. Often he comes back to bed. This has been going on for
a few years.

He's a nervous cat, but otherwise fairly normal. He gets along with the two
Corgis. Often they are laying against each other.

His howling is disturbing our sleep. We don't want to get rid of the cat, but
we may have no choice. Any ideas.

I will be honest with you and say i have not come across this particular behavior before. However i can say that cats usually how only for a few reasons and if he is neutered is not for mating purposes. So it is a learned behavior and he obviously gets a reaction from you when he does it. Any reaction to a cat good or bad is a positive reaction to them. So I'm afraid the only answer is to completely ignore the noise. You may have to ignore for quite some time before he realizes that he is not getting anything from it. Strange i know but i have heard of similar behavior in a cat and it is purely for your attention.

See my page re cat meowing below.


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