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QUESTION: How can I get my male cat who is fixed to stop peeing on our stuff. I've heard you can use the synthetic cheek hormone do you have any info on that?

I have never heard of this treatment and anyway i am not convinced that this sort of spray works.
What your cat is doing is behavioral and this behavior needs to be changed in his mind for it to completely stop.
cats are essentially clean animals and usually cover up their toilet. the only reason cats use urine in this manner is as a signal to other cats that this is their territory or as a comfort to themselves to make themselves feel confident in their environment.
Has something changed in the home recently, a new baby or person or cat etc? Have you bought something new into the house? Have you moved furniture around? Any of these things can make a cat feel insecure and need to re affirm their status in the house. Also is their litter tray used only by themselves and not shared with other animals. This is one of the major causes of trouble. or have you moved the tray or does it need a thorough clean. As you can see their are many causes. i have included a link to my page about litter tray problems at the bottom of this page.
You will have to thoroughly clean and deodorize everything that your cat has urinated on as even the slightest whiff will attract him back to that area again. Read my pages for more info.

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QUESTION: ok we do have a new baby but hut we are pretty sure he started doing it before that. We have two cats and there was no problems with litter until recently. We have 2 litter boxes. We have very recently completey emptied and washeda nd deoderized the litter box and it is emptied regularly. So what now? This synthetic cheecj hormone called Feliway is supposed to calm them and make them feel less territorial. Anyways any other tips would be helpful as unfortunately we will not be able to keep him if he continues, he just peed on the babys toy yesterday! Thanx!

even though you think he started before the baby was born your cat may still have started to notice changes in the house as you prepared for the babys arrival. This could have been enough to make him feel insecure. It's strange how some cats can react so sensitively to small changes where other don't.
The only thing i can suggest is the isolation treatment mentioned on my site where you are retraining your cat to use the litter tray again. Also lots and lots of attention for your cat, this will help reassure him. It may be difficult for you while you have your hands full with a new baby but it is the only way to convince your cat that everything is ok. It would be  a terrible shame to have to rehouse him. After all he is not being bad he is reacting to changes in his world which has stressed him.
Congratulations on your new baby and I'm sure with a little time your cat will calm down again.

both of these pages give advice about training issues


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