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Cats/Siamese tracks feces around the house


Dirty Foot
Dirty Foot  
I recently adopted a wonderful little lilac-point Siamese (Boo)from the local Humane Society as a friend for my other recently adopted Siamese, a 10 year old classic style (Tino). Boo is very small, I'm guessing she's a runt. She is beyond sweet and has provided friendship for Tino. The vet guessed she is about 8 years old.

She is however, causing me major headaches with her litter habits. She seems very finicky and will often go outside the box if it is not completely clean. She has a habit of burying her feces so completely that she likes to pull the litter liner up and close it on top. I ceased using liners to solve that. She also will defecate on any rug, towel, or movable object on the floor. My floors are now rug free as a result. But there's one problem I have yet to solve. She seems to step in her own feces and then immediately track it everywhere, including my bed. I tried using a litter catching pad/runway, but she just defecates in that.

I have tried many different litters, but have not come up with the right one to solve this problem yet.


Hi i had the same problem with our cat. If the litter was not completely clean she would not use it. One solution is the automatic and semi automatic litter box cleaners. They are great as they keep the litter tray clean all day and use with a cat litter like cat attract which encourages cats to use the tray.
If her raking is also extreme it might be an idea to get a covered litter tray to stop the spread of the litter every where. If you don't want to get a automatic litter tray then the Boda dome is quite good as it is covered but also has an extra deep litter tray for cats who really like to rake afterwards.
Hope this helps a little and i know how some cats can be very particular about their litter tray preferences. More information about those litter trays and litter here

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