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I have a male house cat, who isn't neutered, and will be one year really soon. Lately, he's been acting strange. He eats well, but when he uses the bathroom, it smells unbelievably bad. And his behavior is normal when I get home from school. He runs, plays with my other cats and dog, and eats. But later on in the day, he's very quiet, doesn't move from his spot, and only gets up to eat, or use the bathroom. This has been going on for about two weeks now, and I am unsure if this is normal. Is there something wrong with him?

It sounds like your little boy cat is becoming frustrated and is showing signs of erratic behavior. His natural urges are probably starting to really kick in now and without being able to carry them out as he would in the wild he is going a little crazy.
I always recommend that even though your cat is an indoor cat it is kinder to have them neutered as it will stop your cat from becoming so frustrated.
The smelly urine is another sign of a male cats hormones kicking in.
Hope this has helped :)

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