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QUESTION: My two kittens, both brothers, are 4 months old (I had two as company for each other while I'm out occasionally during the day and am sure this was a good idea although they can be little hell-raisers!).  My question is, even though the bolder and more delinquen of the two, Oywun has a habit of suckling Oytoo's tummy and really 'slurping' while he's at it! Oytoo has recently started to object - probably due to me distancing and comforting him, which maybe wrong, and I do say 'No' very firmly whilst pushing Oywun away. Oytoo has developed a couple of very, very small bald spots, not unlike alopaecia, so I am concerned that when I'm not around, Oywun will persist in this habit. Will he grow out of it, do you think? They both have plenty of toys and objects to which they can become attached. Otherwise, they are great friends and sleep and play together very well.

I don't know how old the kitten were when they were removed from their mother. This sort of behavior suggests that the kitten wasn't fully weaned by his mother and is still seeking the nipple. The mother cat would have started to push them away and discourage them from the behavior, which hopefully your other kitten will do. This may mean a few scraps I'm afraid. If the behavior does persist it may be a good idea to keep the kittens away from each other for a few weeks when you are not around to supervise them. This will give your kitten time to discover new toys etc and get used to not suckling. I'm sure he will grow out of it soon.


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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your reply; the kittens were 8-9 weeks old when I had them and as far as I know, they were virtually weaned already. He has been much better since I wrote as I am persisting with a 'no' when I catch him! As you say, he'll probably grow out of it naturally. But just another question, if you don't mind. What is the earliest I can have them neutered? I presume when I notice that their 'testicles' have descended.

the recommended time for neutering is between 4 - 6 months old. After that time they have reached sexual maturity. telephone your vet and see what they suggest but they will probably feel that is ok to go ahead now if not very soon.


Hope every thing works out well for your new kittens. Best wishes



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