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my kitten peanut is purrrfect, except one thing that is ruining the
sleep i need. peanut will want to sleep w/ my boyfriend and i, no problem,
but if u don't constantly pet him- he meows- it wakes u up- and we
need to lock him out of the bedroom.  now am trying to think of what the
problem is- but he has food- and he gets lots of love- but the
vocalization at nite always wakes us up. the funny thing is that he will sit in
your lap all day long-very content even if u are not petting him-he
will just lay there- i don't get it- why at 2-4 am must he meow his head
off-i need help please

the main reason a cat does this at night is because this is a normal time for a cat to be most active ie hunting etc. The meowing is saying I'm bored come and play with me. They know that you will eventual give in and pat them or play with them or do something that they see as a positive reaction. Even shouting at them to be quiet is a positive reaction because they have got you to do something.
Unfortunately it is not an easy habit to break once they are used to doing it and getting something from you. Normally all you can do is either lock them in a separate room at night with toys and a litter tray etc. or to let them out at night. If you allow them to come into your room they will not give up until you react.
Sorry but it can be a long process to get them out of the habit. (see my link at bottom about meowing behavior)



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