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QUESTION: any advice as to why my (often crazy) mog lara has pinched an insole cushion from my shoe & started carrying it around in her mouth & sitting (as if on guard duty)near me & making lots of noise?? i've heard that cats give you presents & wonder if it might be that or she thinks its a kitten or even a dead bird?? she's an indoor cat & has been spayed.

yes your right she is displaying her natural hunting behavior and she is bringing you the insole as it represents a kill and she is showing off to you. I would suggest that you may have a bit of a bored kitty there. It may be an idea to try and engage her attention via games with string etc or treats hidden inside tissue filled toilet roll centers, or even if you can accommodate one a climbing scratching frame.
It is perfectly normal for your cat to behave like this as they never loose their natural instincts.


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QUESTION: ok thanks.. do i let her keep it or do i take it off her?
she has a scratch/climing frame in fact she has more toys than grandchildren (ha)i've fitted a cat flap but she wont use it (too posh to push)but she HAS started venturing up the path if i leave door open. my little madam rules the house. thank you for your help.

It is not causing her any harm to have the insole (as long as it isn't one of those with odor protection as it may contain harmful chemicals).
if the insole is safe and you are happy for her to have it then let her keep it. I suspect that she will go and finds something else to bring you. My cat used to carry my watch around in her mouth by the strap for a while and then one day i saw her with a pair of earmuffs in her mouth. She did this for a while and then just stopped. Funny creatures aren't they.



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