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Hi. I have 3 cats. One of them, Sake only wants to be petted after we have gone to bed, usually around 4 am.  He meows until we give him attention, but he won't let us near him until we follow him into the master bathroom (his favorite room).  We have tried ignoring him, saying "No", locking him up in time out and occasionally throwing pillows at him.  All that has accomplished is he hides under the bed most of the time to yell at us.  Please help before I decide to punt him across the room.

Oh how i know this problem. My cat is the same. There is no easy answer. You either put up with it or you have to relegate your cat out of the room into another room with a shut door. You will have to ignore the yells and perhaps scratching for quite some weeks, until your cat gets the message. The problem is it has now become a learned behavior and shouting or throwing things at them just reinforces this behavior as this is a reaction from you, which is a good thing and what they want. I'm afraid that ignoring and not reacting is the only answer. Sorry.

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