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I have a 8 week old kitten which was left at a farm along with her mother when she was about 4 weeks old. She was very sick when I adopted her and took her to the vet when she was about 6 weeks old. She had to have baths ever day for about a week because she had severe diarrhea.

She is now much better, has doubled her weight and has her medical issues have gone away. The problem is that she bites hard. I was working at home yesterday and she constantly wanted to play and bite me. Once she just walked up and bit my toe and I really thought she drew blood because it really hurt.

I have tried the sour apple stuff and telling her no but it does not phase her. I am considering taking her back to the farm and getting her sister. What can I do to get her to quit biting?

She also is chewing on wood furniture.



Unfortunately it sounds like your kitten may have been taken away from her mother too soon. During their time with their mother and other siblings they learn acceptable behavior especially when they are playing together and if they play too rough they will be scolded by their mother. It sounds as if your kitten hasn't learnt where the barriers are yet. Also she is a kitten and is playing, unfortunately their play is a learning tool for things like hunting and so her play resembles aggression.
As for what you can do, well she has to learn that this is not a good game and that she will get no reaction (which she is seeking, even a yell or any sort of attention you give her even if it is shouting, she will see as good thing) so the only way is to try and not make a sound (hard I know you may have to remember to wear thick socks for a while) and to totally ignore her, walk out of the room and shut the door and stay away for about 10minutes. Do this every time and she will eventually learn that this is no fun. Sorry but their are no quick answers to this one, perseverance is the only answer.

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