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QUESTION: hi me and my partner are quite concerned about the behavoir of our cat she gave birth 4 weeks ago to five lovely kittens and every things been fine, i mean the mother has been making what sounds like a quiet phone ringing sound a lot and doesnt stop we have been keeping an eye on things but we have noticed that she has started to get quite rough with them as if she is getting excited when she cleans them and does her bit to make sure they are ok she doesnt stop making this sound its like shes saying to them do as your told but with a bit of distress in there. we noticed something tonight with the mum and one of her young ( a male ginger ) she wouldnt leave him alone it was like she was hunting him, now this kitten is the runt i believe it was the last to come out and i had to help deliver him. mum kept getting a grip on him and kicking like a rabbit whilst biteing him i seperated them but the mum wouldnt leave him alone all of her focus was on him, now this kitten meows a lot like its lost and every time it sees mum it tries what looks like him just wanting to feed and be snuggled up to mum. we really dont know whats the cause or what to do next, as i say they are four weeks now and the mother spends a lot of time lying on the floor about five foot away from where they sleep but she does lie with them and feed and clean them when its needed and then goes of again, she also does not go outside at moment until we get her spayed and shes finished her mothering process. sorry i have went on a bit but im making sure you have all inf. we do hope you can help as its a bit of a worrie not knowing what mums going to do next because something does not feel right. hope to hear from you soon, thanks

the noises your female cat is making are natural sounds that the mother cats uses to communicate with her kittens. It is usually a comforting sound to let them know that everything is ok or to get them to come to her. It is like a chirrup sound.
If you do have a runt kitten it may be a good idea to keep a close eye on the mother cat and this kitten as in the wild any runts are killed. If she is v very aggressive towards the kitten it may be that you have to feed him yourself and separate him from the rest of the litter until he has built his strength up and can fight back.
Every thing that you have described sounds normal to me. Cats have different teaching and learning techniques to us humans and sometimes what they do looks strange.

I have included a link to my page about kittens for further information.


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QUESTION: hi, thanks for the information you provided us with, however this morning all the kittens were awake and most of them got out of their bed and messed about for about a hour, three of them went back into their bed (1 was already there) but a different kitten stayed out to the ginger one (pure black) and he curled up by our computer chair legs that was resting against the wall, and their was a basket by the side, so it was quite dark for him. we just left him there and thought that if he was comfy leave him to sleep! the mother cat went and woke the others up checking on them, and was not happy that this black one was missing, so we showed her where he was...and when we got close it looked like he wasnt breathing, (he was), but he would not wake up, we could turn him around in a circle and he didnt move at all, then we made loads of noises and he did not respond, and then when we got the torch and shone the light near his face he opened one eye and then curled back up, we noticed that he was a little on the cold side, si one of us picked him up and gave him a nice warn cuddle and then put him in the bed where he could be kept more warm. also, i read something on your questions and answers about tuna not being too good for your cat, we abviouslt thought that we were doing a good thing and treating our cat to a small tin of tuna each day, we have been doing this  for quite a while now, will this have any long term affect on our cat of her milk whilst she has been feeding! thanks

it's good that you are keeping an eye on the kittens during these early weeks as they can be prone to infections etc at this early age. As you said warmth is also very important to these young kittens and so there environment should be also kept warm.
Regarding the tuna. It is not a good idea to give your cat fresh tuna from a can. I made this mistake myself years ago thinking i was being nice to my cat, but it does not contain enough nutrients to keep your cat healthy. Better to give them tuna cat food as this is a balanced meal. I must admit it may have affected the cats quality of milk a little and that could be why the kittens are not thriving as they should. Change your queens food and things should get back to normal soon. If you are worried at all about the kittens condition then perhaps get them checked by a vet to be on the safe side.

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QUESTION: hi again, i've got a concern that we haven't seen any poo come from the kittens (almost 5 weeks old) at all, but the mother does lick their bits alot, we would be greatful if you could give us some pointers or an explanation as to what may be happening. also what it the best way to wean them off their mother and how do we do it. the mother hasn't showed them the litter tray yet is this normal, we were thinking of putting one near their bed so it makes it easier for them to explore would this be wise? thanks again.

A mother cat will clean up the young kittens mess for them so it could be possible that you haven't seen any.
The female cat will do the weaning for you at around three months old when the kittens start to get their teeth. She will discourage them from taking her milk, and they will watch her eat her food and will learn this way.
I like your idea of moving the litter tray closer to the cat bed but not too close as cats like to keep their toilet away from their living area. The kittens will also learn from their mother about where to go to the loo as well. Don't worry too much at this stage let mother nature take her time and just keep a watchful eye on them all. Read my page (link below ) for further information.



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