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I hve 2 cats 1 8yrs old  and the other ayear and a half   older one does not deal with the younger one  but the younger one aggravtes the older  always pounching on him  wll teh other nite they got into so bad  hissing and fighting  tails bushed  and i finally sepaerated them  but they continued nto the next day even hissing and growling at me  what should i do

Your youngest cat is still behaving like a kitten and is being playful and is also starting to find his place in the cat social system. It sounds like the youngest is trying to assert himself as the boss of the two.
I don't know how long you have had both cats. If its fairly recent they might still be getting use to each other and this should settle down in time. If you have had them for some time it could just be that they don't get on. There is no miracle cure for this just like when humans don't get on. It may be that you will just have make sure that they both have their own space, bed and litter trays etc.
Whatever you do don't shout or punish your cats if they do fight, they will not understand this. All you can do is keep them separate as much as you can.

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