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My cat Luv, is usually a very nice loving (indoor)cat.  My live-in boyfriend and I have had her for a little over a year and she is around a year and a half.  We recently began getting weekend visits with my bf's 6 year old son.  Luv used his room kind of like her own and we think she is jealous of him.  She blocks doorways and hisses at him the entire visit.  I'm not sure if he did something to make her mad or if it is because he was originally afraid of her and didn't pay any attention to her.  She listens when we tell her no and runs away when we do, stopping what ever she is doing.  We tell Brendan to tell her no, which he does (and in turn she runs away) and I've tried having him give her treats...she quickly eats them and if he gets too close she hisses at him and I take the treat away.  We've tried spraying her with water and putting her in time out for doing it (which has worked with other things but not with this). She has even pooped in front of all of us on the living room floor 3 times.  Brendan only comes every other weekend and the behavior is only shown when he is around.  Please help me!  How can I get her to accept and be nice to him.

there is no easy answer to this as it sounds like she see's the child as a rival for her territory. Pooping on the carpet is called middening and is only done in extreme cases where the cat feels very insecure and is trying to stamp their mark on the territory. The hissing etc could be her trying to tell the child "hey this is my territory back off". her reacts definitely mean that she sees him as a threat.
The answer, well the first thing is not to tell the cat off when she displays this behavior this will only make her feel even more threatened and insecure.
get some of the child's worn clothes and leave them lying around the house and especially in his room when he is not there, so that she can get used to his scent rather than just when he visits.
Also get the child to follow the advice given on my article about bonding with cats (link at the bottom of page). It is a slow process I'm afraid but it is all about making the cat feel confident and not threatened.

I'm sure as she gets used to his smell and presence and as long as he approaches her in the right way she will begin to accept him.

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