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QUESTION: We have a 3-4 year old domestic cat that stinks up the furniture. My wife says that he should be washed weekly to try to stop this. I think that cats clean themselves, and that he is marking his territory. (He is constantly rubbing the side of his jaw everywhere.) Who is right, and if it is me, what can I do to stop this before I have to get rid of him?

I'm not sure what your wife means as "stinks up the furniture". Cats are the cleanest animals and wash themselves every day. I have owned cats for over twenty years and have never had any bad odors from a cat.
All cats push their chops against everything, but it does not smell to us and yes it is a territory marking thing.
Cats only need bathing in extreme cases, say if they get something on their fur or if they are show cats but it is not because they smell. cats have hardly any odor, unlike dogs that are quite smelly.
You need to discover exactly what she means by smell. If the smell is coming from your cats mouth then you need to take him to the vets in case he has some bad teeth etc. other wise it should not smell.

i hope that helps :)


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QUESTION: Hi:  No, the odor is not coming from the cat's mouth, the cat himself does not have an unpleasant odor. The smell is on our furniture, especially our leather couch and recliner. It's not just my wife, I can smell it too, it just does not bother me as much. But it is an unpleasant odor that is hard to describe. It is somewhat like the urine odor in his litter box, but just similar to it. (He also has some dandruff looking stuff on his back. Could there be a connection?) As an additional question, they said do not declaw his back feet, but he is leaving scratch marks on the leather. Since he never goes outside, could we completely declaw him?

ANSWER: Is he neutered? if not then he could be urinating on the furniture? If he is then he could be urinating on the furniture because he feels insecure in his environment. they use this scenting behavior as a way of making the house smell of him. If this is the case you will have to re train him to use the litter tray again. See this page about litter tray training
As for declawing, you won't like my answer. It a cruel thing to do and is painful and can lead onto to some serious problems for the cat regarding balance and infection. It's like have your fingers cut off to the knuckle. I'm sorry but i am of the opinion that if you are more concerned about your leather furniture than your cat then it may be kinder to find him another home. I hope you do not take this the wrong way.

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QUESTION: Is there another volunteer out there that will help me to find an answer to my question that will make it possible to keep my cat, without wasting time putting me down when you know nothing about me? I asked about the claws to learn, and now that I know the answer, I have to look in another direction. Would you like a very nice cat? We have tried to find him another home, even though I do not want to, but we have been unable to find one, and we certainly do not want to take him to the animal shelter. But I have to find a solution or he will have to go or my wife will throw us both out. And this is not to lay the blame on her, as we have some nice furniture and I understand wanting to keep it that way. I just need to find a way. By the way, I tried to go to your Web Site for litter box, and got a can't find site from my computer.


Please except my apologies, i was not trying to waste your time or put you down. I am sorry that you felt that way.

I do not have an answer for you apart from is it possible to prevent your cat gaining access to the rooms with the best furniture in it. Also you could take your cat to the vet to make sure that their no other medical condition that could be causing a smell. As i say i have never come across it before, but it could be worth checking.

Thank you for letting me know about my link not working. It some times it works better with some browsers if you cut and paste the link, i don't know why.


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