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Cats/cat pooped on roomates little girls bed


She hisses and growls at the little girl all the time.  There has been a couple times she has let her pet her but not for long.  This is the second time since September.  Is she doing it because she doesn't like the little girl?  or the noise?  She and I have lived by ourselves since she was a kitten...she is about 7 now.  What can I do?

It sounds as if your cat is afraid of the little girl or feel threatened by her as if she is a rival, that would explain the urination as the cat is trying to stamp her dominance on the little girls territory. Now why this has happened is a difficult thing to discover. It could be her smell, her loudness, maybe the cat associates a bad thing with the little girl, like being suddenly frightened.
Their is no magic wand that will fix this quickly. The little girl will have to try and gain the trust of the cat and this is all about how she approaches the cat. ie it should be slowly , quietly, low down to the ground etc. perhaps get the little girl to offer a treat to the cat. It will be a slow process and the meetings should be supervised.
Good luck and I'm sure with the right approach your cat will get used to the little girl.

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