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We have a tom kitten 11wks, we have also inherited a tom cat approx.
18m-2yrs which is a stray, we have had him since the end of Aug and at
the moment he's in a kennel in the garden as we didn't want him getting
attached to us, all the adverts have come to no avail, so we would like
to bring the stray into the house if he's still with us in the winter
and especially on bonfire night. We do intend to get both of them
neutered. Can they both live together without fighting? Also how long should
i leave it before I presume this stray is ours so to speak? Obviously
if he stays we want to get his injections etc asap, we have flea'd &
wormed him but only because if the owners do come forward one they won't
be able to tell and secondly I'm sure they won't mind, we've also got
rid of a few ticks on him, but if we got him neutered this is a totally
different thing. Any help would be gratefully recieved.

regarding introducing your cats to each other, here is a excerpt from one of my cat behaviour pages, which may make the process easier.
" Introducing a new cat: Your existing cats nose will be put out of joint if a new cat is introduced to the house and they will show aggression towards the new intruder. This can be minimised as long as for the first week you keep the new cat confined to one room and separate from your other cat. Spread both cats scents with cloths around the house, so that they both get used to each others smell. Hopefully this will mean they donít feel so threatened by each other when they do finally meet. Of course there is no guarantee that they will ever become best friends, but usually as long as they give each other space, there wonít be any aggressive cat behavior."

regarding the neutering and the injections, if you have had no replies from your ads and you have contacted local autgories and local shelters who may have bben contated by the cats owner and have had no joy. then take your cat to the vet to have him check that he does not have a microchip before you pay for any treatment.

i do not know if there is a leagl time requirement before you can make a cat your own, it may be worth asking the local cat rescue centers just in case there is one.

I would say that as long have you have tried everything to find his owner then it may well be that a cat may fall under the possion is nine tenths of the law remit, but do double check with the rescue centers.

I would just like say, good on you for doing everything you can for this cat and actiong so responsibly. its like a breath of fresh air these days when people are so caring for our feline friends.

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