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I have 2 cats one male and one female.  They have been living together since birth and its been about 5 years now.  These are house cats.  Last night the male started hissing and fighting with the female.  They have never done this except when playing.  I seperated them then 3 hours later brought them together again it was good for about 5 mints then the male again began to hiss and fight so i had to seperate them.  They have never done this and im worried.

Hi this is difficult to answer as it has only just started happening. Normally when two cats start to fight for no reason it is often caused by some sort of trauma which one of the cats associates with the other cat. it could be something as simple as having their tail trodden by accident.

if the problem persists the only way to cure it is with a lot of time and patience on your part, you will have to treat them as if they have never met before and go through the whole process of introducing them to each other again over a long period of time, until they have regained their confidence and trust in each other again.
See my page re introducing cats for any tips on this.


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