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my 2 cats are both from the same litter male and female, they are both 8 months old, they were so loving to each other before just play fighting etc. 2 months ago the male kept trying to dominate the female, so I thought I should get the male cat castrated, which I did and he was fine. Since this has been done he keeps attacking the female cat! she is so gentel and will not fight back so now he at every chance dominates her! My partner thinks I should put the male cat down as he is spoiling the female cats nature, but I do no not want to do this as I have had them since day one, there mother is my mums cat! I really do not know what to do, they both get the same amount of attention! Do you think that castrating the male was the wrong thing to do? Can I correct his behaviour?? Your help will be greatly appreactiated!

there is always a reason for any cats behavior. It is never because they are being mean or bad. But like all animals including ourselves we all have our likes and dislikes and sometimes this just means that we get on with some and not others. This could be the simple answer for your cats behavior. However due to your cats ages it is probably more to do with asserting their territory and dominance.
You did the right thing in getting your male cat castrated and his behavior is certainly not a reason to put a healthy animal down.
My advice is that this behavior should sort itself out naturally, once the male cat feels secure in the fact that he is top cat, this is natural behavior. Don't worry too much at this stage. If the behavior continues for a long period of time and you notice your female cat physically suffering then it may be that you will have to think about rehoming one of your cats. But this is rare.
Keep doing what you are doing by giving both cats your time and affection. Don't punish your male cat as this might make him feel more insecure and continue the behavior.



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