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Cats/my cat is so aggressive!


Arianna wrote at 2013-12-24 02:26:26
I have the same problem with my cat he is a male named Tippy.Any way my cat has been making odd noises and acting aggressively when I touch him or pick him up.He through up worms and I FOUND A       WORM ON HIM!!!!!So .... your cat doesn't have rabbies he has WORMS:( SORRY.But the only way to get rid of worms is to give him medication I bet he would hate that hope he feels better and I hope my cat feels better too.Btw merry Chrismas


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Since childhood I have cared for, raised, and loved many, many cats. I have been a care-giver to assorted types and personalities of cats and kittens with all sorts of behaviors and attitudes. I have also dealt with the joys, heartbreaks, and frustrations that come from being an animal owner.

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