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Cats/My cat has a liquid build up in his belly...


VanniCas wrote at 2012-12-01 03:41:26
My cat is going through this now. They drained 3lbs of milky white fluid from him yesterday. I took him tothe vet b.c. he became rail thin, al bones stinkcing out and a giant, engorged belly...seemed to happen within a few weeks, but maybe it had been going on longer and we didn't notice b/c we see him every day...

Anyway, he spoke wit a few different specialists and they all said it could only be 3 different things, but with those 3 different things, prognosis is not good.

My boy is 15 years old. I was devastated when the vet suggested euthanizing him. I took him home to see how he will do. The issue is that in the xray done after withdraing a lot of fluid shows that there is fluid in his chest as well.

We sent blood out to check his thyroid and it turns out the thyroid is hyper active and we immediately put him on steroids. He also has a super fast heart rate so we put him on b.p. pills...hoping we can give him a fighting chance if we control his thyroid & blood pressure...maybe he can stop building up so muc fluid. At some point, it will be fatal, but I'm hoping not too soon :(

VanniCas wrote at 2012-12-01 03:47:35
It seems my cat has the exact same condition...since it looks like this question was asked a few years back, I'm wondering if you ever found out what the condition is, and how long your 14 year old kitty lived with it?


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