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ypg210 wrote at 2015-07-14 21:31:46
I thank both these kind people, they gave me some peace of mind. I witnessed a cat I see n visit with daily get attacked by two dogs. I'm a dog lover but what I saw was just a horrible site. I broke it up but that poor cat ...I was at work when it happened and I was worried about it. He didn't look to good, he was in shock. After reading this question n answer. I have some relief...thank You kindly.

Agatha Weeks wrote at 2015-07-18 05:20:21
Thanks for the consoling article about the cat dying from internal injuries and shock.  I had the same thing happen three nights ago and have been beating myself up.  I to so no blood but wet back...She couldn't walk...I rescued her, brought her home, called the dr. and he said bring her in at 7:30 in morning.  I thought she might make it, even tho she couldn't walk, but think her internal injuries was the cause of her death.  she lived about six hrs.  10:30 at night til...My heart is broken, but this article has added closure...Thanks


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