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Cats/how far apart kittens can be born


texas rose wrote at 2013-08-24 21:14:32
My Queen may be in trouble. She is giving birth for the 3rd time in 8 months. She delivered 4 healthy kittens, and one dead over a four hour period....then 15 hours later she delivered another healthy kitten. She is an excellent mother, is nursing fine, purring contentedly....but it feels like there is one more kitten still moving inside her. I can feel the head and follow it down to the back legs. Now it has been 20 hours since her last kitten was born. She has delivered 7 kittens so far, and hopefully this last one will come soon. I check her every hour. all seems well, but I am giving her an herbal uterine stimulant to help her along. Could find no one else with this same situation. I called the vet for advice and an appointment ASAP, but no one has returned my call being a Saturday Afternoon. I am watching for signs of stress, abnormal odor, etc. Hoping to get her into a vet on Monday when they are open again. We have no emergency Vet Service living in the country. I have to spay her ASAP because she gets pregnant almost immediately. I've tried 2 times before but the vet said she was already pregnant with nursing kittens. Her name is Kinky Mama. She seems to be an anomaly, and I am a little worried at this point.


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