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Cats/My female cats nipples are raw and bleeding


texas gal wrote at 2014-05-30 01:41:44
well Debbie......maybe she is like me.....someone dumped a pregnant cat out here at our place (in the country thank you)......from the time I 1st saw the cat, until it had kittens on my front porch was all of about 4 hours!!!!   now...   the momma cat has what was called milk fever a few years back.   we've been letting her clean the kittens, etc.....   but we are keeping her doctored (and no, it's not easy) with triple anti-biotic ointment with pain reliever.   and we are syringe feeding the babies.   

no sense in you pointing out to get the cat spayed, etc....    that will not help a cat in pain at this moment in time now will it?   just sayin'.


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