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Bett wrote at 2010-03-07 21:36:08
I'm not sure about the butter - but even if you did give a cat butter, why on the paws? They will generally eat it quite eagerly from a dish, and will thank you for not messing up their paws. Cats are highly concerned with being clean. They already clean and groom themselves quite enough. Over-grooming can actually cause a cat to become dehydrated, so please stop putting grease on their paws or anywhere else.

Petromalt is an inexpensive hairball remedy made just for cats, available at pet stores and vet offices.

glo wrote at 2015-04-08 12:17:22
because some times they feel too bad to eat and they will lick their paws


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I am not a breeder,so please direct any breeding and/or birthing questions to an "expert" that is. I love all cats but my favorites are the Rex and Siamese. I used to show Cornish Rex as a hobby but have not been able to for a few years. Right now I have three Siamese and one Cornish Rex. As a former veterinarian assistant, I can help you with general healthcare issues. Being a cat owner for years, I will be glad to answer any behaviour and/or nutrition questions too. Please remember, I am NOT a Veterinarian, so if your kitty is seriously ill, please do not hesitate to contact a Vet.


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