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I just adopted wild cat   I have never seen such a mean cat and i have had cats for years have four cats indoors who are my babies  I guess my question is can a wild cat be tamed with allot of patience and love

my truthful answer is sometimes but not often. the best you may expect is that he will except maybe you but i would very much doubt that he will be a like a normal pet. Cats become socialized to people during the first 7 weeks of their life after that if they have not come into contact t with many people etc it can be difficult for them to accept people.
having said that my sister rehomed a feral kitten who lived with them for 14 years but he only accepted my sister no one else could go near him. i would say that this cat may be aggressive to your other cats and fights will ensue. He may calm a little but it could take a very long time. Perhaps you may want to consider becoming his "owner" but allowing him to be a mainly outdoor cat.

I'm sorry if this has not been what you have wanted to hear but i think it's better to be realistic.



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