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My cat has recently started to growl and hiss at my boyfriend, she runs and hides from him all the time, this is new she always loved him and played with him. Tonight she started to growl and hiss at me, we have not done anything to provoke her. She also started to pee every time we come near her. I am just not sure why she is acting this way. What should I do??

the first thing to do is to make sure that she is not injured anywhere. Sometimes this behavior is associated with pain.
If she is ok it could be that something has scared her and that she is associating the fear with you both. This is known as trauma aggression. If this is the case then as long as you both remain calm and quiet around her and that you give her lots of attention and try to get her to play with you then the behavior should subside.
If the behavior remain over a longer period of time then it may be an idea to get her checked by a vet.



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