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I recently got a kitten which is about 12 week old, took her in as her owner was going to kill it. I have notice the pass couple of days she keeps getting running eyes and green goop coming out. She is very playful when awake abit fussy about her food but does eat it most of the time. can you please give me some advice. thanks

it sounds as if your kitten mat have an eye infection and will need some antibiotics from the vet. It may also be a good time to make sure that all their injections are up to date etc. If the previous owner did not look after of care for the kitten it is very possible that they have not carried out any of the necessary basic inoculations, spaying etc. and so a trip to the vets is very important now.
You can wipe the eyes with a piece of soft cotton wool with some warm water just to make it more comfortable for the kitten until the infection is gone.
Can i just say well done for saving the kitten and taking it in, theres nothing worse than a animal being put down for no good reason. :)

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