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Hi Kate,
How are you?
may I ask for your help?
I have an 18 month old Persian indoor cat (girl)  she is fussy about her food, I've tried most of the brands available (Nutro, Royal canin, IAMS, ...etc.)  she only eats (Friskies dry food from Purina).

as for the everyday increasing list of recalled food I'm so scared! I've tried many home reciepes but she never accepts any.

well, she is eating acceptable daily amount of Friskies but my concerns are:
What if this was not the best choice for her?
What if there was any risk?
What if she gets bored with it?
does this have enough and complete nutrition ?
Can you tell me if this food is safe for my cat??

then I saw this web site about " Natural Pet's food" I don't know how good it is ??

Or follow this link

What do you think ???

I really can't thank you enough.

A lot of cats are fussy about what they eat and indeed my own cat has changed her mind many times over the years as to what she likes.
I know it is worrying about all the food scares at the moment but as owners all we can do is to either buy the best brands of food which may cost more but at least they should be made from the highest quality ingredients or to prepare food ourselves for our cats.
My cat seems to like a lot of my home made food and so i give her a mix of the dry cat food and some homemade food. I have a website where i have written all about cat nutrition and have also included some information about homemade food. This link will take you to the homemade cat food page /homemade-cat-food.html but there are other pages attached to it about nutrition etc.
Regarding the food you are currently giving your cat i am unable to say whether it is safe or not, i would say that it is as good as any other cat foods, there is no way of knowing.
I took a look at the website and i have heard about science cat food, once again i think it is probably as good as any other but again it is difficult to say if it safer than any others. It is a real mystery to me why so many of the cat food makers that have made cats sick have not been more careful as they are risking their business.

If you look at the information on  my webpages it will give you a over view of cat nutritional requirements and so you should be able to judge for yourself about which is the best food for your cat.

I hope this has helped :)

Kate and her partner co-write  a site full of further cat care and cat health topics. As well as being a feline friendly community site for happy cat and a happy owner.


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