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Hi Kate.  My cat is just over year old and for the past days will not stop meowing.  It is not her normal meow but she doesn't seem to be in pain.  She has not been spayed and I'm wondering if she is in season.  She is a house cat but has escaped a few times recently.  Would love some help.

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yes it does sound like your female cat is displaying the mating call. It is very distinctive and and be quite disturbing to a owner who has never experienced it before. It can sound like they are in pain but they are not they are calling to attract a male. She may also start to behave strangely in other ways. She may start to be more affectionate towards you and rubbing her self around you more than normal , she is spreading her scent. She may also go off her food.
There is nothing you can do except to have her spayed.

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