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Hi, my 3 year old indoor cat somehow got out onto my back porch and wandered off sometime last night.  what are the odds of her coming back home when she has never been outside before?  i miss her a lot but i am more worried about how she is and what she is thinking. like is she scared? or is she actually having fun in the "big playground?" I have set her food bowl out with some food hoping that will help her find her way back, but i am not sure if that will help or not.  I also realized we had a doggy door so i propped it where it stays open (without the flap) thinking maybe when she is eating she will smell her litter box from the porch and see the way back into the house. I am just concerned for her and hoping she will come home. I definitely could use some insight!

I wouldn't worry to much at the moment, most cats have a natural instinct for the outside world and she has probably just gone off to explore it for herself.
My sisters cat came back after being missing for 9 days and he had only been inhis new home for 2 days, so it does go to show that they are very good at findng their way home again once they have had their full of the bog world.
I don't think your cat could have been scared as she would not have vbentured out if she was. Keep calling her every day and leaving food outside for her and i'm sure she will come home if she can.

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