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I am moving in with my boyfriend and he has a 6 yr old female very aggressive only child cat. i have a 2 yr old male who is declawed and very passive and is easily scarred. and i have a sweet troublesome 7 mo. old female kitten. we are worried that all of there personalitys will clash and his female will end up hurting my male. we don't want to get rid of any of them but we will if we have to. Do you think it will have to come to that or is there any advice you can give to make this any easier?

well i won't pretend that it will be easy, especially for your young female cat. It's hard for two cats of the same sex to get on. However there is  a way of introducing cats which does take a little time and patience but will make the process easier. See my webpage regarding introducing cats here /introducing-cats.html for more details.
I won't promise that there won't be some scraps but that is the way of things with cats trying to find their place in the group but usually cats will try to avoid real harm by acting passively towards each other. If you follow the introducing plan at least it may not be such a traumatic meeting. i wish you all the best luck and remember it can take a little time so don't try to rush things.



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