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I am bringing a new cat into a household ... I know the basic things that need to be done when bringing cats together; however, one of the cats (the one who has been at the house for a while) is the problem. I am yet to truly let these two interact without stepping in because of the nature of "attack mode" that the cat (who has been at the house for a while) is in.
I worry about the (home) cat because for majority of his life, he was an outdoor cat, it has never been friendly to people (ie: bites me often, and has quite a hard bite).

Is there anything different you can recommend? Am I overreacting by thinking that if I really let them interact on thier own, the cat that was an outdoor cat (the same one the has lived in the home and does bite people often and hard) would really hurt the newcomer?


It is quite possible that your existing cat will attack the newcomer. Cats fight and we can't stop that.
As i don't know how you have dealt with bringing in the new cat it is difficult for me to advise as i don't want teach you how to suck eggs. All i can say that before you do decide to introduce them you must get them used to each others scent first, that way when they do meet they will be used to the smell and may not feel so threatened. Also never leave your cats alone for the first 5 times at least that you introduce them. That way you are there to stop any aggressive behavior. Even if they do react badly to each other, repeat the introduction process daily until they don't react to each other. It is quite possible that your cats may never truly become friends but it is not in a cats interest to fight as they don't want to risk injury so if they don't like something they will just avoid it. However you never know they may become friends.
I take it from you e-mail that the cat that is used to being outside is now kept inside. Well it could be that he is very bored now that his world has shrunk and that is why he reacts aggressively. Make his world as interactive as possible. I have given you a couple of links to some of my pages which may give you some ideas regarding this.

I hope this has been of some help :)

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