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Cats/new kitten with aloof cat?


We got married 2 months ago. At that time I moved in full time w/my husband and kitty. She is a 4-5 yr old tortie, that I gave him about 3 years ago- she needed a home when her first mom got sick. She came declawed, spayed and indoor. She has never really taken to me... and is limited with the affection she shows my husband and step daughter (who is home from college only weekends). She seems to prefer Ashley the most... but the extent of her favor is that she will sit in their laps - and then only if it was her idea. She is not a cuddler, doesnt play with toys, never acknowledges us unless she wants to - she acts deaf! The most I have seen her do is lie down "just" out of reach and wait for us to reach out to pat her. She will then sort of crawl along the floor on her side, waiting for us to follow and pet her.

I want a kitten. I know all about the intro phase, etc but I am wondering if this cat's personality is a bad fit for another cat. Please tell me it can be

sounds like you have a very single minded cat there.

Well it's almost impossible to say how she will react to anouther cat. It will purely be down to how you introduce them together. I would say that if you do get a kitten get a boy cat, it is always better to get one of the opposite sex as they will not compete so much.
You never know the kitten may have a very positive affect on your cat. but please rehome a kitten thats not less than three months old. this way he will have had time to be taught all the important lessons by it's mum and will not be so affected by your cats behavior.

So i can not be more definate but nothing is certain in this life. Good luck I'm sure will patience and care on your part things will work out find.



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