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Hi my cat is approx 8 weeks pregnant, I'm not sure exactly as she disappeared when she was in heat for a week. I was wondering how long she'll be pregnant for and what are the first signs I should be looking for when she goes into labour? She seems to follow me around the house a lot which she didin't do at all before getting pregnant, does this mean she'll be happy for me to be present when she gives birth? Thanks Emma

A cat is normally pregnant for nine weeks. Her over friendliness towards you is natural behavior for a pregnant cat. However your cat will decide what she wants to do when she does have the kittens she may go and find a dark hide away to be on her own or she may feel happy enough to have her kittens in a box you want to provide for her.
The first signs of labor can be quite subtle she will take herself away to her birthing space and you will see her tummy start to ripple with the contractions. Don't worry most cats are quite able to give birth on their own and their should not be any need for you to intervene.
See my page re cat pregnancy for more information here



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