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Hi, i have a question about seperating my cats. They are sisters from the same litter,and they've grown up together,they're 2 years old, i want to get rid of one of the cats,but am not sure on how the cat would react. Would they forget they had a sister? Would they move on? I need some sort of understanding,because i am having a tough time deciding on what i should do. thank you.

no one really knows if a cat can remember people and cats from their past. But all i can tell you is that in the wild it is natural for a litter of cats to go their separate ways and leave their cat family. Cats are not pack animals like dogs and are generally quite happy on their own.
What i would say is that there may be a period of time when the cat goes looking for the other cat because they are used to them being around, but with lots of extra attention from you and by keeping them active ie with toys etc they will soon settle down and I'm sure they will be fine.



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