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I have just adopted a 14 week old kitten from an adoption agency.  I brought it home and did the required routine to have it become accustomed to my room.  I didn't let him wonder around because I didn't want him to get overwhelmed.  As for my other cat, I didn't let them see each other until the third day.

On that day, my 6 month old followed the kitten around and then proceeded to attack him.  Not in a mean way, he was trying to play and at first the kitten didn't care.  But after a while of roughhousing the kitten started to hiss so I separated them.  I've been giving them like 15 minutes a day to play but it always ends up with my older kitten cornering the baby kitten under the bed.

As for the new kitten adjusting to me and my boyfriend, that's not working out either.  The little guy will only approach and play with us if we are lying on the floor. I we stand up he goes and hides under the bed. He is soo skiddish and I'm worried he is going to stay like that.

What can I do to make him more comfortable with us, and how do I let the two be together without it ending with me dragging my older kitten out from under the bed.

Hi it sounds as if you are doing all the right things to get your cats used to each other. the only other thing i can suggest is too spread each other scent around the home so that they get used to the scents all the time. I have also included my pages about introducing cats together at the bottom of this page. It is  a slow process and similar to what you have bee doing.
Also i have included my page about bonding with a new cat. It will take time but as he grows in confidence with you the other cat and his new surroundings I'm sure he won;t be so skittish. Be persistent and calm and patient. Cats are amazingly adaptable, it just takes time.

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