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Cats/spraying and urinating.


I have 2 bengals and the older one has started spraying in the house and the the younger one urinating.It is driving me mad.  They have recently had their checkups and are in good health.  I moved house in March and they had been in cattery for 5 months.  They had behaved badly in my old house, but they seemed to stop, but I was able to keep both dining room and lounge shut.  In this house that is difficult.  I have washed and disinfected and it is still going on.  It is worse since the weather change. I seem to be on my hands and knees scrubbing and disinfecting every day and have resorted to restricting them to the kitchen where they mess almost every day.  It is so disheartening.  They are 10 and 7 and absolutely beautiful, but right now I want to strangle them!

spraying and urinating in inappropriate places is as you know a sign of either territory marking or of some distress and insecurity. The behavior to your cats is completely normal and it helps them to make their environment smell like them which makes them feel more secure in it. It also is a marker to the other cat that this is their territory.

Because they are new to the house they are trying to establish their territory to each other. Rotten i know for us. I have written several pages about cat urination causes and tips on how to stop it and also about litter box training. I have placed the links for you at the bottom of this reply. The process might be a little time consuming but it is really the only way to solve the problem long term as the cats have to learn where to urinate. I hope the articles help :)



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