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Hello there
I have 4 pedigree Persian cats currently . two girls and two boys . only one of my girls is spayed , and the other three cats are not neutered . actually my problem is with one of my tomcats , which is really bothering us .
you see , he's a 2 and half year male blue Persian , and i bough him when he was just 40 days old . he has always been a fantastic tomcat with a nice manner and good attitudes. he does mate with several female Persians regularly including my own female cat and other Persian queens that the vet refers to me . he's the proud father of dozens of cute kittens . but I don't know what is wrong with him , since last few months , he has refused to use the litter box , and he prefers our beds , blankets and sheets for peeing ! see , I've 4 cats and the other 3 are so careful about all this , as they have never done something same . but Bijou is just turning so irritating . at first situation was not as awful as it is just now . he used to pee on beds just once or twice a month or something . but since last few couples of weeks , he has decided not to use the litter box at all! just beds and blankets ! even yesterday he pooped over there! that's terrible !
I must add that he and other cats are entitled to use our privet yard in some certain hours each day . when he's in yard , he does his job over there which is OK with us, but when he's indoor he prefers the beds .
we are absolutely angry at him . we always keep the litter box clean and change the sand regularly . we use the special product for cat's litter box for our babies , so we're just wondering what is the problem . we told him off , shouted at him , and even kicked on him immediately after peeing on beds in order to convince him that this is not right ,but it seems that he simply does not care .
If any other kind of information is needy i will tell you immediately . he loves cat dry food to the extent of addiction . we give him and others dry food twice a day , but he wants more . sometimes i have noticed that he pees on beds exactly after we refuse his meows for more dry foods. but i dont think that this is the main cause of peeing on beds , as he does that even when he's satisfied.
can you please help us ? we're just fed up. we will have no choice but giving him up if we can't cure him . he does not have any problem with any other cat in the house . even he's friendly with the other tomcat though that one is mature and tends to mate too.
please give us any possible advice
Sorry for any possible mistake in my English
Soheil from Iran ."

firstly you must understand that when a cat does something like this it is Not because they are being bad or naughty. All cat behavior is caused by something. the problem is finding out what that something is.
Cats usually urinate in other parts of the house and on beds other than their litter tray due to insecurity and they feel that they must mark their territory again. the fact that he is not neutered and that he lives with three other c ats is a prime example of this type of behavior happening. Why it has started to happen all of a sudden is a mystery. It could be that as he gets older he is feeling more under pressure from the other cats. Or it could be because he is a tom cat marking his territory. It is quite common.
Unfortunately it is not that easy to stop unless you either have him neutered (the kindest thing as he may be feeling frustrated all the time) or to try and follow a litter training period, which involves keeping him in one room for a time with his litter tray. I will put a link at the bottom of this page that will take you to a page about litter box training.
Also you will have to make very sure that the areas that he has already urinated in is absolutely free from any traces of smell. If it is not he will confuse it with his litter tray. I will also include an link about urine odor.

I hope this has been of some help.


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