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Hi Kate,
I hope you can answer my question. I have a 5 week old kitten that I have been bottle feeding since he was a week old. I am now trying to ween him off the bottle. I have tryed putting the same formula in a dish, but he won't lick it. I have also tryed putting down wet food, that  didn't work. I have also tryed putting formula mixed with dry food down. Nothing seems to work. He only wants the bottle. How can I get him off the bottle?

A kitten should start to eat some solid food after one month, but they will still feed from their mother until the end of the second month. I'm afraid you will have to use the technique which a mother cat will employ I'm afraid and thats tough love. Replace some of his meals by putting down a small amount of kitten food in a bowl and do not give him anything else. He will eat when he is hungry. You could try putting some of the wet food on the end of your finger and trying to put it into his mouth. he will soon get the idea. You just have to be strong and persistent otherwise you may be storing up trouble for your self in the future with a fussy eater.
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