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Hi Kate, How are you?
I have a 2 year old Persian Cat, Possibly pregnant (not sure)for the last few days I noticed that she she is passing urine on the floor outside her litter box, I also noticed that she is not covering her feces in the litter box after finishing. nothing has changed at home, no other pets, what could possibly be wrong ???
Please help because I'm really worried about her.
Many thanks.

The symptoms you are describing is not normally a sign of pregnancy (see my page re signs of cat pregnancy /cat-in-heat.html)
The signs are normally a sign of a cat that feels the need to redefine their territory. Has anything happened at that is different than normal, new furniture, or moving furniture etc) My page re urinating problems goes further into this /cat-urine.html.
Go through all the possible causes and see if any fir with your cat. Cats normally only carry out this type of behavior to indicate their territory and as hard as it is for us humans to see what has caused this insecurity we must try our best to return the cat to it;s secure position in the home.

I hope my articles will help shed dome light on this problem



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