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I have criminal convictions going back to my early days, last one was 12 years ago and minor but 22 years ago i did go to prison for 6 months. Should i just call it a day, am i waisting my time trying for a visa or work permit? my partner of 12 years is going out to Cayman next month to work everything is cleared for him, were do i stand getting in to Cayman with my convictions back here in Ireland.  I cant handle to separated from him.


I think it really depends on when convictions are considered 'spent' under the legal system where you live.  As far as the immigration is concerned, if it doesn't show up on the police report, then they won't worry.

The other alternative would be to contact the Immigration Department directly via the website ( and explain your circumstances.

Good luck!


I've now checked with one of my contacts who understands the immigration/work permit process,and they agree with my view that it would really depend on the seriousness of the crime and if the convistion is considered 'spent'.  

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