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Hi Josh! I'm from the Philippines and I applied to one o the agencies here to work in Cayman Island. We already submitted our papers and still waiting for 1 document so that we can book our flight. However,our visa will be expire on February 20,2013 and we already raise this matter. We were told by our agency that if our visa will be expire on that date it will automatically renew. How true is that? Thanks!

Hi Cindy - thanks for your question.  Regarding expired Visas, I would strongly suggest you contact your consulate on this before you leave on your flight.  I don't believe Visas automatically renew.  I could be wrong, but be safe and find out immediately in case in there's a waiting period to get a new Visa.  It would be bad if it did expire and you couldn't get into the Islands.  Hope this helps,


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Throughout 15 visits to this island, I've accumulated months of time living there in a condo I used to own right on Seven Mile Beach.

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