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Good day, I am currently working on a restaurant for 3 weeks now, however the job was not as expected and I have differences with my boss and therefore I plan to resign and look for another job on the Caymans. Do I need a release letter from my employer and do I need to exit the island?thanks for your help

Hi Alex - sorry for the delay in responding.  I believe ex-pat employment laws have changed some since I was actively in the Caymans.  I would suggest you get online with Caymanian government and see what your options are.  I would however strongly suggest that before you make a move with your current employer, regardless of how bad it is, that you find and land a new job first before you resign.  Your new employer may in fact have all the answers you'll need around resigning your current position.  Hope this helps,


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Throughout 15 visits to this island, I've accumulated months of time living there in a condo I used to own right on Seven Mile Beach.

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