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Hi John.  I am considering St. Matthews University in my list of selections for application to veterinary school after a visit to the island for continuing education with work.  I have an American (NOT Japanese-she has a black mask and only American Akitas have that) Akita/Husky/???? mix dog who is my heart and soul.  She is the sweetest dog ever, and LOVES everyone!  I can't imagine leaving her behind in the US.  Do you know if they only limit exclusions to Japanese Akitas, or have you seen American Akitas/mixes of them on the Island?  Of course I'll check with the Embassy, but wanted someones personal experience input too.  Thanks in advance for your time!

Hi Tracy - thank you for your question.  In all honesty I cannot recall seeing any Akitas/Husky looking dogs on island, however it's been a while since I've been back to Cayman.  There are a number of requirements associated with bringing an animal to the island. Microchipped, proof of several different vaccinations, test results, etc.  You'll also need a pet passport.  Best bet is to contact the Caymanian Government Dept of Agriculture and find out the very latest laws and requirements.

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