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Hello Robert,
I am interested in your opinion about the following:
My husband and I are considering moving to Grand Cayman for a teaching job for me. Are there positions that would be available for my husband? He is currently employed by our school district in maintenance. He has also been a general contractor and works specifically as a house-flipper. Additionally, are there bargain homes avaiable that we could buy for the purposes of fixing up and reselling?

Thank you very much, we are nervous about a big move depending upon one income, even if we pay no US taxes.

Martha Bayle
Spokane Valley, Washington

I think you won't have a problem adding your husband as a dependent to your work permit/application.  I do think that your husband will be able to work as self-employed.  My understanding of the immigration rules (see is that your husband would only be able to work self-employed if you had CI$1.6m for him to be considered under the "Person on independent means" category.  

However, if he was on the island, he could try applying to advertised jobs in construction, but then would be on his own individual work permit.

I haven't seen much evidence of house-flipping in Cayman - remember that all materials have to be imported, so this isn't a trivial matter.  I've found one property that may be suitable, but this is still CI$100,000 - see

Cayman New Resident ( is a useful reource for advise and guidance on moving to Cayman.

Good luck!


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