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Alias wrote at 2010-06-02 17:39:53
We only see the press releases on Denise's side. The reason that there are no press releases from Periscope's side is because Denise was the one who screwed up her own web company. C'mon guys, how can a WHOLE COMPANY be against one model. Something's wrong in the picture.... And besides, I heard that Denise used to have a nice relationship with her old web company -- it was her husband's greediness that made the company drop her. She never really is Denise Milani, they hired a company to do the fan mails for her, diaries and many more..

If you're smart enough and you read Denise's diaries compared to her facebook posts recently. You can see her diaries were written by a different individual... the truth is she's as dumb as a light post.

All she can say is "wonderful personality" "life is good!"

Watch her WGN Halloween special, she's not as smart as we think.

As said by Sam, a former client of Denise when she was still working as a massage therapist:

Denise is a phony. Real name is Trlica, lives in Glendora CA with her husband, Jerry and son. Tosses out friends after she uses them financially to climb the later. She’s as dumn as a light post.

Read the comments here:  

susieqcsw wrote at 2010-06-30 02:53:16
Not only is Denise a beautiful woman, her identity is allegedly being stolen my some Nigerian Scammers. I know because they are using her photo on a lesbian dating website and my sister is the victim. I wish I could speak with her simply to see if she would be willing to write to my sister and tell her she is not in Nigeria and she is not a self-employed researcher, doing research on female circumcision on a tribe in Africa. The person using her photo is also claiming that she was raised in St. Lucia, is an only child and her parents were killed at sea in a boating accident. My sister has been convinced that Denise Milani will be coming back to the U.S to live with her in Arizona, July 22, 2010. One scammer equals-- Two Victims, my sister and Denise. I hope she will contact me.

queenphony wrote at 2010-07-30 17:37:47
can't believe Denise Trlica is the real phony!!! She was never really in contact with her fans and her emails and diary entries were written by another person. So, people who hate Periscope..think twice! You were really talking to them and not denise. Well, it's obvious because Denise can't even write in English!!! Denise is really 36 years old with a kid named JACOBI. She had several affairs with some of her business associates thats why her husband Jerry is a control freak!

Here are the facts from the LA superior court

periscopecash(DOT)com / case

Deniselover wrote at 2012-12-02 18:21:06
As far as Denise Milani having a ten-year-old son goes, we don't know if the boy was born to Denise before she came to America and married her current husband. There are many women from eastern european countries who are single mothers and advertise for American husbands. Not saying this is the case, but her current husband may have met her through a matrimonial service and brought her to the US. Women in good physical shape can have babies, particularly their first, without having stretch marks. Milani is in my opinion the most beautiful woman on the Web and it's obvious her breasts were sugically enhanced, but who cares!!! More power to her. Her husband is a very lucky man. Roxx sounds like a stalker though and should get a life. He might want to try or if he wants to find a Denise clone. However, these sites are probably scams so he should be careful. He could get lucky though and find a beatuy like Denise he can bring to the US. Or is Roxx a woman????

Aidan Taylor wrote at 2015-05-13 08:26:25
While Denise has established herself as a a top fitness model and Wellness coach, I wonder what happened to the naysayers who made all these spiteful comments about her? Probably targeting someone else. Easier than trying to make something happen in your own life, I guess.

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